VoiceWay gave our company employees the ability to work from home or on the road and still seem to be in the office.

Emily T.
S&A Compusoft, Toronto, ON

Unified communications. Natural!
Basic Features

Caller ID        
Displays the name and number of the caller when the phone starts to ring.

Call Forwarding                               
Redirect received calls to a designated phone number

Music on Hold                 
There is several types of music to choose from or you upload your own.

Call Waiting                     
Put one call on hold while you answer a second call and alternate between
the two and so avoiding the busy signal

3-way calling                   
Allows you to speak simultaneously with 2 other callers in different locations

Call Return
Allows you to identify the number of your last caller

Advanced Voice Features

Extension Dialing
Using extensions, users can call/transfer calls to coworkers within their company
regardless of geographical location

Find Me/Follow Me             
Allows you to define rules for inbound callers – how incoming calls are routed or forwarded ensuring that important calls are not missed

Caller ID Blocking              
Offers the capability for the outgoing number to be blocked or revealed by the user

Call Screening
Easy Call screening allows you to know who is calling so you can deal with them appropriately. You can choose to accept the call, send the call straight to voicemail or transfer the call to another extension or phone number

Transfer to any outside number   
In addition to transferring to an extension, you can transfer to any outside phone number

Lets you use a software-based telephone on your laptop or desktop computer instead of traditional phone

Simultaneous Ring            
Enables you to have incoming calls ring multiple phone numbers and extensions at the same time

Sequential Ring                  
Allows you to have multiple phone numbers ring in a specified sequence when receiving incoming calls

Web based Portal             
Enables you to configure basic and advanced voice service settings through a simple web interface

Microsoft Outlook Integration         
The Outlook integration allows you to get access to your Outlook and Exchange

Call Management              
Allows to perform a variety of functions on the web – click-to-dial, answer call, hold & transfer, conference, call recording

Call Logs                              
Displays records of your most recent incoming, missed and outgoing calls.

Voice Mail Features

Voice Messaging               
Messaging allows you to customize your personal greeting. You can listen to, send, delete and save each voice message you receive

Voice Mailbox Integration
Lets users configure their voicemail inbox to support a second line, like a mobile phone – eliminating the time spent on checking on multiple voicemail boxes

Message Notifications
Get text messages on your cell phone or PDA alerting you about new voicemail messages.

Voice Message Indicator
A visual indicator on the phone is set-up to alert on receiving new messages

Voice Message to Email
Get voicemails as email attachments. If available, the callers name and number are included in the email subject line.

Conferencing Features

On demand Audio              
Allows you to schedule team meetings or sales-based calls

Group Administrator Features

Dialing Restrictions
Allows the administrator to set the calling policy for each user

Music on Hold
Allows group administrator to upload an audio file into the system for broadcast play to parties on hold

Loudspeaker Paging
Group administrator can access an intercom paging system by dialing an extension within the group

Password Management
Group administrators can re-set user passwords for the web portal and voicemail system

User Management            
Add/delete/edit individual users settings

Auto-Attendant Features

Auto-Attendant Support   
Automated menus allow incoming callers to direct calls to the appropriate party, ensuring an efficient calling experience

Customizable Menu Options
Enables business to customize the auto attendant to meet their unique needs

Dial by Extension               
Allows callers to reach employees by dialing the extension at any time during the auto attendant greeting

Dial by Name                       
Allows callers to reach employees by dialing the first letter of the employee’s first or last name

Holiday Schedule               
Group administrators can designate business holidays and set and after-hour greeting for those scheduled dates

Night Attendant                  
Enables group administrator to establish a different greeting outside the normal business hours

Transfer to Operator        
The phone system can be configured to include a transfer to the operator or receptionist

Record User Names         
Employees can record their name associated with their greeting. This is played when callers dial by name or extension from the Auto Attendant

Auto-Attendant Features

Receive Fax                        
Set-up one or multiple fax numbers. Faxes can route to individual users or departments

Forwards your faxes to one or more email accounts

Large Storage                     
Store thousands of faxes online or download them to your computer

Web access to Fax             
Retrieve your faxes from any internet device

Local Numbers, Toll-Free Numbers, Long Distance Calling

Toll Free Numbers             
Optional service that allows your customers to contact you without being charged. You decide on the calling area, it can be as broad as the United States and Canada, or as small as only a few states or areas.

Local Numbers           
Optional service allowing you to transfer or get any new phone number in North America

Long-Distance plans        
Free local and on-network calls; great international rates.