VoiceWay gave our company employees the ability to work from home or on the road and still seem to be in the office.

Emily T.
S&A Compusoft, Toronto, ON

Unified communications. Natural!

VoiceWay hosted PBX system delivers advanced PBX functionality as a service available over the over the Internet. VoiceWay hosted PBX system uses a carrier class VoIP soft switch hosted within our data centre at 151 Front Street, Toronto.
This means the VoiceWay hosted PBX customers don't need to buy or install PBX equipment, excepting for the phone sets.

VoiceWay hosted PBX system has all the features you would find on a regular on premise PBX solution plus the following features:

  • A single number can be used for the company that can be dialed from any geographic location in the world.
  • No infrastructure required, no hardware maintenance costs compared to an on-site PBX solution – your users simply require a VoIP telephone to get started.
  • Access to your call information can be from your phone, cell phone or web portal. This feature allows call notification in multiple locations either at the same time or sequentially.
  • Our wholesale carrier priced long-distance rates are significantly slashing out your bill on long distance charges nationally and internationally.
  • Maximize productivity: Employees will never miss a critical call with features like Find Me/Follow Me instant call forwarding. Visual voicemail and digital fax lets them prioritize and manage their calls and faxes, saving time and money.
  • No/Low Capital cost: It can be run as a “100% virtual" PBX system, meaning that you don’t need to purchase, lease, or maintain an on-site PBX or Key system.
  • Gain total control: Make telephone moves, adds, and changes instantly without requiring specialized resources or service calls. Users can also manage and change their own settings, including set-up of voicemail, call routing, and profiles.
  • Increase sales and support efficiency: Direct your calls appropriately every time using advanced features such as auto attendant, call queues or hunt groups that "hunt" from phone to phone to find an available employee, etc...