VoiceWay gave our company employees the ability to work from home or on the road and still seem to be in the office.

Emily T.
S&A Compusoft, Toronto, ON

Unified communications. Natural!

VoiceWay combines traditional voice mail features with advanced capabilities and it brings valuable productivity and management benefits. You can find out immediately when a message comes in; review messages in the way that suits your style or access - phone or Internet; quickly scan visually to see who called and who left messages and respond in any order.

  • Standard message handling options- play, rewind, fast forward, pause, replay, save, delete, check time, date and calling ID.
  • Customized greeting – VoiceWay hosted PBX gives you the ability to record different personal greetings for "no answer", "busy" and "do not disturb" conditions, holiday or after hours.
  • Message waiting indicator on the phone set - it indicates the presences of new voicemail by a blinking lamp or stutter dial tone.
  • Notification of receiving new voicemail – the user is notified instantly by email or he can receive a voice call from the voicemail system.
  • Email forwarding- you can send voice messages to anyone as audio attachment.
  • User self-administration – the user has full control of their voice mail. Use touch-tone or the Web Portal to update voice mail passwords, set message play or appearance order, record personal greetings, create call distribution lists, and more.