VoiceWay gave our company employees the ability to work from home or on the road and still seem to be in the office.

Emily T.
S&A Compusoft, Toronto, ON

Unified communications. Natural!

The Web Portal is an intuitive graphical web interface that puts the user in control of his communications. It basically cuts out the time spent on accessing different sources/devices and with managing the communication (faxes, voicemail, call management, calls tracking).

  • Directory – acts as a private address book for the individual user's own friends, family and business contacts
  • Voice Mail – review and listen to messages from your computer. Forward voicemail messages as email attachments, set-up notifications to receive when new voice mail is received. Record custom greeting.
  • Conferencing - make a conference reservation, invite the attendees and then manage the conference “room”
  • Call Routing - Advanced call management capabilities put the user in control of inbound calls. Configure different treatments based upon day-of-week and/or time-of-day. Handle calls differently depending upon who is calling. Use Find-Me to ring their home phone and cell phone simultaneously when important customers call, but route unwanted calls directly to voicemail
  • Call Log - Monitor inbound, outbound and missed calls with the call log. See whether a missed a call is from an important customer even though he didn't leave a message
  • Self-Administration- Web Portal provides intuitive tools that to manage the phone and the many service features. Common activities include instantaneous phone reassignment, adjusting the ring-no-answer timer, password changes, configuring custom call screening and/or time-of-day schedules.